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“Compassionomics provides the evidence that one simple tool, compassion, can affect not only the outcomes for our patients, but also the financial health of our organizations and the well-being of our providers.”
— Donald Berwick, MD
President emeritus, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

A 34-year-old man fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit is on an artificial respirator for over a month. Could it be that his chance of getting off the respirator is not how much his nurses know, but rather how much they care?

A 75-year-old woman is heroically saved by a major trauma center only to be discharged and fatally struck by a car while walking home from the hospital. Could a lack of compassion from the hospital staff have been a factor in her death?

Compelling new research shows that health care is in the midst of a compassion crisis.

But the pivotal question is this:

Does compassion really matter?

How 40 Seconds of Compassion Could Save a Life

CNN – Book: Compassion helps save lives

“This book is a vital step forward in transforming health care as we know it.”
— Senator William H. Frist, MD
Transplant surgeon and former Republican Senate majority leader